Syncing User-Generated Data



In Postbox, you can store Topics, Responses, Signatures, Quick Posts, Themes, and Postbox Address Book data in the location of your choice.

While we do not support syncing of this data per se, theoretically you can select a folder within Dropbox or Box, and then have this data synchronized across multiple Postbox installs, for example, home and work computers.

The capabilities of this approach are dependent on the syncing service itself. Since Postbox preferences are written to disk when you exit from Postbox if you decide to store this data on a syncing service, we recommend exiting from Postbox from one computer before using it on another.

How to Specify Data Location

Within Preferences / General, you can specify where you want these preferences stored.

If you have multiple computers and wish to store this data within a syncing service such as Dropbox:

  1. Decide which computer has the most accurate or current version of your Topics, Responses, Signatures, and Address Book data, then save this data from this computer first to the sharing service directory of your choice, such as "Postbox Prefs."
  2. Exit from Postbox on the first computer.
  3. Make a backup of your "Postbox Prefs" folder (or whatever you named it).
  4. Go to your second computer, and make sure your "Postbox Prefs" folder is synced. 
  5. Within Preferences / General browse to the location of "Postbox Prefs."


If you choose to store your preferences on a syncing service such as Dropbox or Box, all of the syncing behaviors will be dependent on the capabilities of the syncing service. Please note that we neither warrant nor support syncing using these mechanisms, as we do not develop these services.

Backward Compatibility

Please note that the data structures for Topics, Responses, and Signatures have changed in Postbox 5, and they are not backward compatible with earlier versions of Postbox.

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