Mapping Folders


Postbox allows for mapping of the Sent, Drafts, Templates, Archive, Trash and Junk folders for each email account.

However, it's sometimes not obvious which folders you should map to. For example, your Sent folder may be called "Sent," but it could also be called "Sent Messages." Or your Junk folder may be called "SPAM," or your Trash folder "Deleted Items," etc.

Mapping your folders is a 3 step process:

  1. Finding the "real" folders
  2. Subscribing to these folders (IMAP only)
  3. Mapping those folders in Postbox

1) Finding the "real" folders

If you have web access to your mail account (you can access/manage your mail using a web browser), please log into your account using a browser.

Next, send yourself messages with these unique subject lines:

  • mySentTest
  • myDraftsTest
  • myArchiveTest
  • myTemplatesTest
  • myTrashTest
  • myJunkTest

Once those messages are received (again, we're still accessing mail in a browser), file these messages into their respective folders. For example, the "myDraftsTest" message should be moved to the Drafts folder and the "myTrashTest" message in your Trash folder. Repeat this process for each folder.

2) Subscribing to these folders (IMAP only)

Return to Postbox, then follow these instructions:

  • Go to the File menu and select Subscribe... Then select your account via the pull-down menu at the top.
  • Make sure all of the relevant folders are subscribed to.
  • Close the panel, and restart Postbox.

3) Mapping folders in Postbox

After Postbox restarts, you'll then want to find the folders that contain your test messages. For example, select the Drafts folder for your account, and wait for the mail folder to refresh.

Do you see the "myDraftsTest" message? If not, browse your folder tree looking for folders that could be related to Drafts until you find the folder that contains "myDraftsTest". Congratulations, you found your "real" Drafts folder.

Navigate to Preferences or Options > Accounts > [your account] > Copies and Folders > Drafts 

Select "Other" and navigate to the folder that contains "myDraftsTest."

Repeat this process for the Sent, Templates, and Archive folders.

For Trash, the folder mapping preference can be found in:
Preferences or Options > Accounts > [your account]

For Junk, the folder mapping preference can be found in:
Preferences or Options > Accounts > [your account] > Junk Settings

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