Email Settings for Office 365


Here are Microsoft's recommended settings for Office 365's email service.

Note: If you don't know how to set up an email account manually in Postbox, see "Manual Setup" here.

Incoming Email Settings

Postbox always recommends that you use IMAP vs. POP.

IMAP (recommended):

  • User Name — full email address
  • Server Name —
  • Type — IMAP
  • Port — 993
  • Security — SSL/TLS


  • User Name — full email address
  • Server Name —
  • Type — POP
  • Port — 995
  • Security — SSL/TLS

Outgoing Email Settings

  • Server Name —
  • Port — 587
  • Security — STARTTLS (if this doesn't work for you, try SSL/TLS)

Two-Step Verification

If you are using Two-Step Verification, then you must generate an app password for Postbox.

  1. Go to the security settings for your Microsoft account at
  2. Scroll down to the App passwords section (which will only appear if you are using Two-Step Verification), and click on Create a new app password.

    Outlook Two-Step Authentication

 Use this password within the Postbox setup wizard.

Other Important Settings for Office 365 Accounts

Please be sure to check out these help articles:





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