Customizable Quote Colors


You can set Postbox to display up to five quote levels in a designated color of your choosing. This makes it easier to see individual replies in a thread.

To set your quote colors:

  1. Got to Preferences | Options > Display > Formatting
    The setting is called Quoted colors, levels 1-5.
  2. Set each level’s color by clicking its color button, and then selecting the desired color.

Note: In Conversation View, when you select a summary row, Postbox presents a collapsed view of the thread's read messages, with only unread messages expanded by default. Quote colors are visible only in messages that are expanded. When you select individual messages—as opposed to the summary row—quote colors are visible.

Note: When you're writing a reply to a thread, quote colors appear only when the Compose window is set to Quote mode. In Summarize mode, the thread is presented cleanly for you without the need for quote levels.

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