Using Folders for Organization


Folders are the simplest, most straightforward tool to get organized in Postbox. By moving messages into folders, your Inbox will become less cluttered, and important messages will be easier to locate. Folders for a specific account can be found in the Folders Pane, on the left sidebar in Postbox under the Accounts Pane.

Messages can be moved into any folder you'd like, regardless of account. This is convenient if you're trying to consolidate messages on a particular topic, even if they were sent to an alternate email address.

Adding, Editing, and Deleting Folders

To add a folder to an account, simply go to File > New > Folder... A window will appear so you can choose a name and destination – within a specific account, in Local Folders (Windows), or On My Mac (Mac). If you want to create a folder in the main directory, find the desired account and click choose this for the parent. Once you click OK, your folder appears in the determined location.

To Rename a folder, simply right-click (or Control + Click on Mac) the desired folder and select Rename. Note that some default folders (Inbox, Archive, Templates, etc.) cannot be renamed.

There are two methods of deleting folders. One way is to right-click (or Control + Click on Mac) the desired folder and select Delete. The other way is to select the folder and go to Edit > Delete Folder. Be careful since any messages contained within the folder will also be deleted. 

Moving Messages into Folders

There are many ways to move messages into folders. Just select the message or group of messages, and try the following:

  • Drag & Drop – Drag messages onto the desired folder. If the folder is in a different account, drag the messages over the account in the Accounts pane, and you'll see that the accounts folder list appears.
  • Quick Move – Press the V key after selecting the message(s), and then type the name of the destination folder (for more information about Quick Move, please head to the Knowledge Base article: Quick Move.
  • Message Filters – Create filters to move messages to folders in bulk. For more information, please head to the Knowledge Base article: Filters.

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