Using Views


Email has evolved. On a daily basis we're reading with messages, viewing photos, sending/receiving attachments, and marking messages as reminders so we don't forget to respond. Postbox offers four ways to simplify the interface so we can focus on the task at hand.

By toggling between the four view buttons in the toolbar or View menu, you can see messages, reminders, attachments, and images in a single click. Here's an overview on what you can expect:

  • Message View — The default view in Postbox which displays the message list
  • Reminder View — Shows only messages marked as a reminder (aka Starred).
  • Attachment View — Lists attachments while referencing where they are located and who sent it.
  • Image View — Like the Attachment view, the Image view isolates images that have been attached to incoming emails.

For more information on the Attachment and Image Views, see this article: Searching for Files and Images

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