Message Filters

Message Filters allow you to add automation to your email workflow. When you’re dealing with multiple email accounts and bombarded with messages on a daily basis, filters can help organize, label, mark, and reply to them automatically.

In Postbox, when you create a new filter you can set the filter to either run per account, or "globally" across all accounts. If creating a global filter, it must be set at creation time, as you cannot convert an existing per-account filter to global filter once created.

Here are the filters that Postbox supports:

Filter Criteria

  • by subject
  • by sender
  • by Address Book
  • by Address Book Group
  • by message body
  • by date
  • by priority
  • by status
  • by status is Pending
  • by To
  • by Cc
  • by age in Days
  • by size
  • by Topic
  • by attachment status

Filter Actions

  • add Topic
  • remove Topic
  • move message
  • copy message
  • forward message
  • reply with Template
  • Quick Post
  • play sound file
  • run AppleScript (macOS only)
  • mark as read
  • mark as unread
  • mark as reminder
  • mark as not reminder
  • mark as Pending 
  • mark as Not Pending
  • set priority
  • set junk status
  • delete message
  • stop filter execution 

How to create a Message Filter

Creating a message filter is easy. Simply go to Tools > Message Filters, and choose the account to which the filter will apply. Then, click the New... button to create a new filter. The subsequent window should look very familiar to those who have ever created a Smart Playlist in iTunes. Name the filter, choose the search criteria which will narrow down the messages to a select few, and then decide which actions Postbox should perform.

Here is an example of a filter that finds messages sent from Postbox or contains the word Postbox in the subject, and automatically adds a Topic and marks them as a Reminder:


This is how the filter window reads: Match any message that is either from someone using a Postbox email address or mentions Postbox in the title. With those messages, Add the topic “Postbox” and mark them as a “To-Do”.

Now that the filter is created, any messages that come in will be automatically filtered by Postbox. For emails that have already been received, there’s a Run Now button at the bottom of the Message Filters window that will run the filter on the selected folder.

Note: For an explanation of Topics check out this article:

Message Filter Ideas

  • Send an automatic message to senders who aren’t in your address book
  • Add a “Large Attachment” topic to messages that are larger than 5mb
  • Set a High priority for messages sent from your bank or significant other

The possibilities are endless!

Run Filters on Messages

If you'd like to run Message Filters on a particular message, first select the message and then go to Tools > Run Filters on Message.

Additionally, if you'd like to run filters on a group of messages, select them, and go to Tools > Run Filters on Selected Messages