How to Move Messages and Folders


Moving Messages

To move messages to a specific folder, select the messages you would like to move in the message list, and then:

  • Drag and drop the selected messages to a location in the folder pane. If the folder is within a different account, drag them to the account name, then drop them into a location in the pop-up panel that displays.
  • Click the File toolbar button and navigate to your desired location. (To add this button to the toolbar, see this article: Customizing the Toolbar)
  • Right-click on the selected messages to bring up a contextual menu, then select Move to... and then navigate to your desired location.
  • Use the Quick Move feature by pressing the V key on your keyboard.

Moving Folders

To move folders from one account to another:

  • Make sure that both the source and target accounts are in the same Account Group.
  • Select the Account Group that contains the source and target accounts.
  • Drag and drop folders from one account to another in the Folder pane.


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