Subscribing to IMAP Folders

The Subscribe feature in Postbox allows you to choose which IMAP folders will be shown in Postbox and automatically synced with the server. 

Changing Subscribe Settings

Here’s how to subscribe/unsubscribe from IMAP folders:

  • Select the IMAP account in the Accounts Pane and either go to File > Subscribe... or right-click (Control + Click on Mac) and choose Subscribe...
  • Select the folder(s) that you do not wish change subscription settings for, and then click either the Subscribe or Unsubscribe button.
  • Once you click OK, the folder will appear/disappear from the Folder list in the sidebar.

Note: This process does NOT remove messages from the server.

Viewing Unsubscribed Folders

If you would still like to see the folders listed in the Folders Pane, even if you've unsubscribed from them, go to:

Mac: Postbox > Preferences > Accounts > [your account] > Advanced...

Windows: Tools > Options > Accounts > [your account] > Advanced...

and uncheck the option to "Show only subscribed folders".