Redirecting email is useful when you receive an email that was intended for someone else. This is often the case in business environments, where messages are sent to the incorrect recipient.

Unlike Forward or Resend, Redirect allows you to send a message to someone else as if they were BCC'd on the original email by preserving the original email headers. Note that the redirected email sent to someone else will still appear to have been addressed to the original recipients.

Using Redirect

To Redirect a message, select it and do one of the following:

  • Go to Message > Redirect
  • Use the "Redirect" Toolbar button (can be added or removed from the Toolbar).
  • Right click on a message in the thread pane and select "Redirect".
  • Use the "Option + Command + E" keyboard shortcut.

The To:, From:, CC:, Message-Id: and Date: headers on the message are preserved, but Resent-To:, Resent-From:, Recent-CC:, Resent-Message-Id:, and Resent-Date: will be appended.

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