Inspector Pane

The Inspector Pane neatly summarizes content detected within messages and conversations, and provides a set of actions to help you intuitively use this content.

Open or close the Inspector Pane by going to View > Show > Inspector Pane (Shift + Command + I)

The Inspector Pane will first summarize any known information about the sender, including profile picture, name, title and company.

Content detected within the message body will display below the sender's information. Right click an item to display a set of actions that can be performed on the content. Some content elements, such as attachment and images, can be dragged and dropped to the desktop or into new messages.

Signature Images in the Inspector

By default, Postbox shows inline images in the Inspector pane. This has the side effect of showing images contained in HTML signatures in the sidebar as well.

If you prefer to not see signature icons in the sidebar, you can turn this capability off by setting a hidden preference.

  1. Open the config editor (see: How to Open the Config Editor)
  2. Type mailnews.display.overrideDontShowAsAttachment into the "Filter:" textbox.
  3. Double click on the that row for mailnews.display.overrideDontShowAsAttachment to change the value from true to false.


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