Setting up RSS Accounts



In addition to email, Postbox is an excellent reader for RSS feeds. You can subscribe to your favorite feeds to effortlessly view all the latest posts from a particular source.

Subscribing to a Blog or RSS Feed

1) To subscribe to your favorite blogs or RSS feeds, you must first create an RSS account. In Postbox, an RSS account can manage multiple feeds, so think about how you'd like to organize them in advance. For example, you can create separate RSS accounts for News Sites, Tech Blogs, Friends' Blogs, etc.

To create an RSS account, go to File | New | Other Accounts..., select RSS News & Blogs, and click Continue. Then, choose a name for this RSS account, and when you click Done, it will then appear in the Accounts Pane.

2) The next step will be to start adding your feeds. First, visit the website that hosts the feed, find the RSS link, and copy the URL. Then, in Postbox, go to Postbox | Preferences | Accounts (on mac) or Tools | Options | Accounts (on Windows), select the RSS Account, and click Manage Subscriptions. In the subsequent window, click the Add button and paste the URL in the Feed URL field.

The RSS feed for the Postbox Blog is:

Repeat this process for any additional RSS feeds you'd like to subscribe to.

Removing RSS Feeds

Unsubscribing from feeds is as easy as removing accounts from Postbox. Simply go to Postbox | Preferences | Accounts (on mac) or Tools | Options | Accounts (on Windows), select the RSS or Newsgroup Account and click the minus symbol at the bottom of the list.

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