Setting up Email Accounts


Postbox makes it easy to add new mail accounts via the New Account wizard that can automatically detect and configure the optimal settings for your accounts.

Open The New Account Wizard

Select Postbox (macOS)/Tools (Windows) > Preferences.../Options > Accounts. On the lower left, click on the + button and choose Add Mail Account... .

Enter your full name (as shown to others), your email address, and the password associated with the account.

Automatic Setup

After entering your name and e-mail address, select Continue. Postbox attempts to automatically configure the correct settings for your account. In most cases, after this step, you're done!

If your account settings can't be configured automatically, or if you'd like to override the default settings, click the Edit Settings and enter the settings you desire.

How to Change an Account from IMAP to POP During Setup

By default, Postbox's New Account wizard selects IMAP as the type of protocol your new account uses, as we highly recommend this over POP.  

However, if you wish to use POP instead, you can change this during account setup. During the account setup process, and after you enter your name and password, click on Manual Setup.  After changing the account type, you may also need to adjust the server name, port and security values.

Please note that once the account is set up, you can no longer change the IMAP/POP server type.

Manual Setup

If you prefer to manually enter your account's settings, click Manual Setup.... to display your account settings.



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