Conversation View


Postbox displays messages in the Thread Pane by conversation. Each conversation is comprised of a Summary Row, with individual message threads displayed below. When the Summary Row is selected, Postbox displays messages as a single, chronological conversation.

By default Postbox will display all messages related to the current conversation from all folders, such as the Inbox, Sent, and Archive folder. To only display messages from the current folder:

  • Go to Preferences > Display > Conversations
  • Select the The Current Folder from the Include Messages From: dropdown.

Turning Off Profile Photos When Reading Messages

To stop showing conversation photos when reading messages ,

  • Go to Preferences > Display > Conversations
  • Uncheck the Include contact photos for each participant in the conversation checkbox.


Disabling Conversation View

To disable conversation mode for a particular folder, go to View > Threads and uncheck Organize By Thread.