Dictionaries in Other Languages


Installing Dictionaries

  1. Select a dictionary from the list below, then click "Download" and save the file to disk.
  2. In Postbox, navigate to File menu > Preferences (macOS) | Tools menu > Options (Windows) > Composition > Typing > Edit Dictionaries
  3. Browse to the downloaded dictionary file on disk and install it.

Using Dictionaries

Your default dictionary preference can be set in Preferences (macOS) or Options (Windows) > Composition > Typing > Language.

Within the Compose window, you can quickly switch between dictionaries for the current compose session by clicking and holding the Spelling toolbar button. Once you send, the dictionary will reset to its default language.


Afrikaans Afrikaans Download
Albanian Shqip Download
Amharic አማርኛ Download
Arabic عربي Download
Aragonese aragonés Download
Armenian Հայերեն Download
Assamese অসমীয়া Download
Asturian Asturianu Download
Azerbaijani Azərbaycanca (az-ir) Download
Bambara Bamanankan (bm-ml) Download
Basque Euskara Download
Belarusian Беларуская Download
Belarusian Classic Беларуская Download
Bengali (Bangladesh) বাংলা (বাংলাদেশ) Download
Breton Brezhoneg Download
Bulgarian Български Download
Catalan Català Download
Catalan (Valencian myspell) català (valencià) Download
Catalan (Valencian AVL) català (valencià) Download
Chichewa Spell Check (ny-mw)   Download
Croatian Hrvatski Download
Czech Čeština Download
Czech Čeština (bez diakritiky) Download
Danish Dansk Download
Diccionario Papiamento (pap-aw)   Download
Dikshonario Papiamentu (pap-cw)   Download
Dutch Nederlands Download
English (Australian) English (Australian) Download
English (British) English (British) Download
English (Canadian) English (Canadian) Download
English (US) English (US) Download
Esperanto   Download
Estonian Eesti keel Download
Eʋegbe Spelling Dictionary (eegbe)   Download
Faroese Spell Checker (Faroe Islands) (fo-fo)   Download
French Français Download
Frisian Frysk Download
Friulian Furlan Download
Gaelic (Scotland) Gàidhlig Download
Galician Galego Download
Georgian ქართული Download
German (Austria) Deutsch (Österreich) Download
German (Germany) Deutsch (Deutschland) Download
German (Switzerland) Deutsch (Schweiz) Download
Greek Ελληνικά Download
Greek Ελληνικά (el-en) Download
Gujarati (India) ગુજરાતી (ભારત) Download
Haitian Creole spell checker (ht)   Download
Hausa Hausa (ha-gh) Download
Hebrew עברית Download
Hindi (India) हिन्दी (भारत) Download
Hungarian magyar Download
Icelandic íslenska Download
Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia Download
Interlingua Interlingua (ia-ia) Download
Interlingue Spell Checker (ie)   Download
Irish Gaeilge Download
Italian Italiano Download
Kashubian Kaszëbsczi Download
Korean 한국어 Download
Kurdish Kurdî Download
Latin Latina Download
Latvian Latviešu Download
Lingala Lingála Download
Lithuanian Lietuvių Download
Lower Sorbian Dolnoserbšćina Download
Macedonian Македонски Download
Malagasy Malagasy (mg-mg) Download
Malay Melayu Download
Maori (Aotearoa) Māori (Aotearoa) Download
Marathi मराठी Download
Ndebele, South isiNdebele Download
Nepali नेपाली Download
Northern Sotho Sepedi Download
Norwegian (Bokmål) Norsk bokmål Download
Norwegian (Nynorsk) Norsk nynorsk Download
Persian فارسی (fa-ir) Download
Polish Polski Download
Portuguese (Brazilian) Português (do Brasil) Download
Portuguese (Brazilian) Português (do Brasil) (Ortografia Antiga) Download
Portuguese (Brazilian) Português (do Brasil) (Reforma ortográfica de 2009) Download
Portuguese (Portugal) Português (Europeu) Download
Punjabi (India) ਪੰਜਾਬੀ (ਭਾਰਤ) Download
Romanian Română Download
Russian Словарь Александра Лебедева Download
Russian Словарь Александра Клюквина Download
Sanskrit संस्कृत Download
Serbian Српски Download
Siswati siSwati Download
Slovak slovenčina (sk-sk-ascii) Download
Slovak slovenčina (sk-sk) Download
Slovenian Slovenščina Download
Songhai Soŋay Download
Southern Sotho Sesotho Download
Spanish (Venezuela) Español (es-ve) Download
Spanish (Argentina) Español (de Argentina) Download
Spanish (Chile) Español (de Chile) Download
Spanish (Mexico) Español (de México) Download
Spanish (Mexico) Español (de México) Download
Spanish (Spain) Español (de España) Download
Swahili Kiswahili (sw-tz) Download
Swedish Svenska Download
Tamil தமிழ் Download
Tamil (India) தமிழ் (இந்தியா) Download
Telugu తెలుగు Download
Tsonga Xitsonga Download
Tswana Setswana Download
Turkish Türkçe Download
Turkmen spell checker dictionary (tk)   Download
Ukrainian Українська Download
Upper Sorbian Hornjoserbsce Download
Urdu اُردو Download
Uzbek Oʻzbek tili Download
Venda Tshivenḓa Download
Venetan (vec)   Download
Vietnamese Tiếng Việt Download
Welsh Cymraeg Download
Xhosa isiXhosa Download
Yiddish spell checker (YIVO) (yi)   Download
Zulu isiZulu Download
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