Setting up Newsgroup Accounts


Postbox can read from and write messages to newsgroups.  Configuring Postbox as your newsgroup reader is easy:

1. Click on  File at the top of your Postbox application window.

2.  Select New and then Other Accounts.

3.  The Account Wizard pop-up window appears.

4. Click the Newsgroup Account radio button and then click the Next button.

5.  Enter your name and email account and then click the Next button.

6. Enter the address of the newsgroup server; e.g. "" in the Account Name text field and then click the Next button.

7.  Verify information displayed is correct and click the Finish button.

The newsgroup server will display under the Accounts pane on the left of your Postbox application window.  Right-click the account name and select Subscribe to specify the folders to subscribe to:

  • You may then check or uncheck the boxes to the right of a specific folder to subscribe or unsubscribe.
  • Once you've selected accounts to subscribe to, click the OK button.
  • Right-clicking the account name (under Accounts pane on your Postbox application window) and selecting Settings will enable you to modify other account settings associated with your newsgroup.  You can customize to suit your needs the Server Settings, Composition and Addressing, Offline and Disk Space and Copies and Folders.
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