Professional Services FAQ


What are Postbox Professional Services?

At Postbox, we have the utmost respect for your time and the critical role email plays in your daily life. To provide you with the very best support experience possible, we staff our support team with highly-qualified, knowledgeable experts who can quickly and efficiently address any question or issue that you may have.

To maintain these high standards we do charge a small fee, which allows us to keep product prices low and to hire the very best support personnel in the business.

All of our support staff is located in the United States.

How much does Professional Services cost?

A support incident is $8 –– the price of a pint of craft beer or a tub of popcorn at the movie theater.

Why don't you build Professional Services into the cost of the product?

Only a very small percentage of Postbox users have support needs, and building Professional Services into the cost of the product would result in higher product costs for ALL users, which would unfairly penalize users who do not require support.

Does Postbox profit from Professional Services?

Professional Services fees do not fully cover the cost of providing support services, but they do increase the quality of the support that we can provide.

Which versions of Postbox do you support?

Professional Services supports the current shipping version of Postbox available on our downloads page. We do not support earlier versions of Postbox.

What if my issue turns out to be a bug in Postbox?

We'll promptly refund your support ticket. We do not charge for bugs, problems with our documentation, or issues that are outside of a user's direct control.

What if my issue wasn't solvable through Help Center articles?

We'll promptly refund your support ticket. Additionally, we'll document the issue in our Help Center so that other Postbox users can find the solution as well. 

Do I have other options?

Yes! 99.86% of all support inquiries are resolved through the following complimentary resources:

Do you have support forums?

In the past, users have recommended steps that have resulted in data loss for other users. Something as simple as "just delete the account and set it up again" would work perfectly for IMAP accounts, but for POP, it would cause permanent data loss.

Given the importance of your email data, we believe that technical support for Postbox should only come from professionally-trained staff.

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