Global Filters and New Filter Criteria and Actions

Global Filters

Postbox introduces the concept of Global Filters, which enables you to create a new filter that will run on all accounts.

When creating a new filter, specify a default account for the filter to reside (it can be any account), and then select the "Global Filter" checkbox during filter creation.

The new global filter will now run across all accounts when you are checking for mail.

New Filter Criteria and Actions

It's filters gone wild! Here are all of the new filter criteria and actions supported in Postbox:

Filter Criteria

  • by Address Book group
  • by messages marked as Pending
  • by message body 
  • by has attachment
  • by Topic

Filter Actions

  • remove Topic
  • mark as Unread
  • mark as Pending
  • mark as Not Pending
  • mark as Not Reminder
  • play sound file
  • run AppleScript (macOS only)
  • send via Quick Post

Interesting Things You Can Do with Filters

Filter Criteria - by Address Book group

This enables you to create a custom address book group, such as the executive team at your workplace, and then filter messages based on that group. For example, if a message comes in from a senior executive in that group, you could send it to a special folder, or apply a Topic such as "Hot" or "Exec" team.

Filter Criteria - by Message Body

Previously we could only filter by header information, such as subject, date, etc. Now you can inspect the contents of a message, and filter by that. 

Filter Criteria - by Topic

This is particularly useful when setting up advanced workflows. For example, you could manually run a Filter on a folder that contains Topic: "High" AND Status: "Replied" and then perform an action, such as marking the message as Pending or moving it to another folder.

Filter Action - Remove Topic

In the example above, you can change a Topic by first removing the topic, "High," and then assigning a new Topic, "Medium."

Filter Action - Play Sound File

You can now have a filter action play a specific sound file. For example, you could play a specific sound for all Status: New messages that arrive within a specific account. Or play a different sound if the message is from your friend Barney.

Filter Action - Run AppleScript

This could get really interesting! For example, you could set an AppleScript file to open or close other applications based on the subject line of a message. In theory, this would allow you to control Scripts on remote machines if Postbox is up and running on that machine. 

Note that AppleScript support is only available on macOS.

Tech Notes:

  • Only new filters can be made Global. An existing filter cannot be converted to Global once established.
  • Global Filters and the new filter actions and criteria are proprietary to Postbox 5, which means that they will not work, or could cause other filtering issues if a machine is reverted to an earlier version of Postbox.