Mapping the Sent, Drafts, Templates, and Archive Folders

Postbox allows for mapping of the Sent, Drafts, Templates, and Archive folders to any folder of each email account.

If you choose to map a Sent folder to any regular folder instead of a dedicated Sent folder, you may notice a behavior where in the Message List pane your name will be displayed for each sent message instead of the recipient's. To fix this:

  • First, make sure that you are subscribed to all the right folders. Go to the File menu and select Subscribe... Then select your account via the pull-down menu at the top, then check the desired folders to display within Postbox. Close the Subscription panel, then restart Postbox.
  • Navigate to Preferences > Accounts > [your account] > Copies and Folders
  • For Sent, verify that a copy is being placed into your IMAP Sent folder.