Trial Expiration Notices or Notices to Buy Again


If you are receiving trial expiration notices, your key may not be properly registered within the Postbox product. It's an easy fix!

To register your license key within Postbox, select "License" from the "Help" menu.

Then, enter your name and license key *exactly* as they appear within fulfillment email we sent to you when you purchased Postbox (blank spaces and all). We recommend that you cut and paste these values as opposed to typing them in. If you cannot find this email, please use our automated License Retrieval system.

Common Errors

Here are some common errors to watch out for:

1) Spaces in the license code - Please make sure there are no spaces within or at the end of the license code.

2) Wrong License Key - People sometimes put their order number instead of the license key into the the license screen. A number that looks like PB100221-4231-48745 is your order number, NOT your license key.

3) Wrong License Name - The license key is generated in part by your name. So when entering your license key, you must enter your exact name used when purchasing Postbox. For example, if you purchased under the name "Benjamin Franklin", you must use that exact name, and not "Ben Franklin".

4) Extra Spaces in Name - When purchasing Postbox, if you used extra spaces in your name, such as "George Washington" instead of "George Washington", then you must also insert those extra spaces when you enter your license key. The best way to avoid correct this is to simply copy your name and license key directly from the fulfillment email that we sent to you after purchasing Postbox.

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