Cannot Copy Messages to Sent Folder


If you are receiving error messages stating that Postbox cannot copy messages to the sent folder, there could be a few possible causes:

1) First, determine which folder is your "true" Sent folder. 

  • Try logging into your email account using a Web interface, e.g. Gmail on the Web. 
  • Send to yourself a test message with a unique subject, such as "True Sent Folder."
  • Within the Web interface, look for your message "True Sent Test" in the Sent folder. Make sure the Sent folder exists and that it contains your message.
  • Within Postbox click on your Sent folder (it will have a "special" icon next to it, which looks different than a normal storage folder icon) and look for your unique message "True Sent Folder." If it cannot be found, then you're Sent folder mapping is wrong, and it must be corrected.
  • Find the folder that contains the message "True Sent Test". If it cannot be found, go to the File menu, select Subscribe... and make sure that your Sent folder is subscribed to.
  • Go to Options|Preferences / Accounts / [your account] / Copies & Folders / Sent, then select "Other" and navigate to the folder that contains the message "True Sent Folder." Set that as your Sent folder.

2) Next, determine if copying to the Sent folder is even required. Many ISPs automatically copy messages to the Sent folder, so having Postbox perform this operation is unnecessary and could cause duplications to occur.

  • Go to Options|Preferences / Accounts / [your problem account] / Copies & Folders / Sent.
  • Deselect the option for copying to the Sent folder, and close the preferences panel.
  • Send a message with a unique subject, such as "Auto Copy Sent Folder".
  • Next look to see if this message is copied into your Sent folder by your server automatically. If yes, then your issue is solved!

3) If your server does not automatically copy to the Sent folder, and you know that your folder is mapped to the correct Sent folder (step 1 above), then there could be corruption with your Sent folder. If you are using IMAP, you can rebuild the Sent folder. We do not recommend these steps for POP accounts.

  • Verify that the account that is experiencing this issue is IMAP. Go to Options|Preferences / Accounts / [your account] / Account Settings and make sure that the account type is IMAP and not POP.
  • Close the Preferences Panels.
  • Select your account in the Accounts Pane (do not select the account group, just the single account).
  • Right-click your Sent folder, and from the contextual menu select "Properties". 
  • Click the "Rebuild Index" button.

4) You could have some other issues on disk (such as permissions issues). As a diagnostic trick, try creating a new folder and pointing the Sent folder over there.

  • Within the problem account, create a new folder called "Sent-Test" at the root level of your account. 
  • Go to Options|Preferences / Accounts / [your account] / Copies & Folders / Sent and select the radio button for "Other".  Navigate to and select your "Sent-Test" folder.
  • Restart Postbox.
  • If you still experience issues, there's also another option you can try, which is to create a "Sent-Test" folder on a different email account, and then follow the same steps outlined above on mapping to that folder. If this works when the other solution did not, then this provides important clues that will help narrow down the cause of the issue.

5) Finally, navigate to the File menu and select Compact Folders.

If problems persist, please contact Postbox Technical Support.

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