Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box - Cloud File Sharing


Postbox's Cloud File Sharing makes it easy to email links to files stored in the cloud instead of sending the files themselves. It’s a great time-saver (and email account space-saver). 

  • Your email arrives without making the recipient download the file just to read the email. The cloud file can then be downloaded at his or her convenience.
  • Without attachments, emails can be sent more quickly.
  • A file you won’t take up space in your email account or the recipient’s since it’s stored with a cloud service provider.
  • Since you’re only sending a link to a file, you can modify the file right up until the moment your recipient clicks the link to download it. 

Cloud File Sharing uses your cloud account with Dropbox, Dropbox for Business, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and Box.

Setting Up Cloud File Sharing

  • Navigate to Preferences/Options > Privacy and ensure that Accept cookies from sites is enabled.
  • Navigate to Preferences/Options > Attachments > Outgoing.
  • Make sure Send links when attaching files in your cloud folder is checked.
  • Click Add, select the desired cloud service from the popup menu, and click Set up Account.
  • Sign in to your cloud service provider and allow the provider the access it requests.
  • Ensure the "keep me signed in" checkbox is checked for OneDrive and any other applicable Cloud File sharing services. Failure to do so will result in corrupted file links.

Using Cloud File Sharing

To "send" a file using Cloud File Sharing:

  1. Create the email in which you want to "send" the cloud file.
  2. Drag the file from your Dropbox, Box, or Microsoft OneDrive folder into the body of the email. That’s it — Postbox creates a link to the cloud file.
  3. Finish and send the email.

Note: If you drag the file onto the email’s attachment area, the file will be added to the email and sent as a standard attachment.

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