What Data Does Postbox, Inc. Collect?


Postbox, Inc. knows that you care about how your personal information is used and shared, and we take your privacy seriously.

Generally, information that is automatically collected is used in aggregate (so that we can do things like capacity plan and identify trends that may exist across our entire user base), and identifiable information is transmitted once you explicitly submit a form (such as a purchase, support request, beta feedback, etc.). 

Postbox, Inc. does not have access to your email data or your passwords! We do not, and cannot, read your email!

Postbox, Inc. collects data in the following ways:

  • Postbox Store — We collect enough information to authorize your Postbox purchase. Customer records are stored at one of our eCommerce providers, FastSpring, Braintree (PayPal) or Stripe, leaders in the eCommerce industry. For more information, please visit the privacy pages for FastSpring, Braintree (PayPal) and Stripe
  • Website — We collect data in aggregate about visitors to our websites, for example, IP address, date, etc., using Google Analytics. Personally, identifiable information is not collected unless you are explicitly submitting a form (purchase, feature request, support request, etc.).
  • Preferences/Options > General > Start Page — This page, hosted from our website, loads when you first start Postbox and is subject to the same data collection methods/policies as our website, specified above. You can opt out by deleting or selecting a different start page URL after you have entered your license key.
  • Preferences/Options > Security > Email Scams > Tell me if the message I'm reading is a suspected email scam — If this is enabled, Postbox downloads a list malicious URLs from Google's Safe Browsing Service, and then compares the links in your messages to the links in the file downloaded from Google. If a match is found, Postbox displays a warning. The matching process occurs within Postbox on your local machine, so no personal data is transmitted to Google or to Postbox, Inc. in support of this feature. However, a request is made to Google's servers for the list itself, much like a web page request, and any data transferred therein would be governed by Google's privacy policy.
  • Preferences > Advanced > Update — Postbox can query our update servers for newer versions of Postbox or Add-ons. De-select these options to opt out.
  • Preferences > Advanced > Web Services — If you opt-in to any Web Services, data may be exchanged with the Web Service to allow for the integration to work, such as Gravatar. Each service has its own privacy policy.
  • Profile Photos — When Postbox first starts, it attempts to download any profile photos it finds from the Web Services you've enabled. Then, when a message is received, it tries to match the sender with the local database of profile photos. The matching occurs within Postbox on your local machine, and no e-mail data or individual photo requests are transmitted to Postbox, Inc. or the Web Service. 
  • Crashlytics — If Postbox detects a problem, it may send machine, application, and other data to Crashlytics so that we can identify trends that may exist across all Postbox users. There is no mechanism to opt-out of Crashlytics at this time.

For more info, please see our Privacy Policy.

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