What Data Does Postbox Collect?


Postbox, Inc. knows that you care about how your personal information is used and shared, and we take your privacy seriously.

Our Promise

  • We will not store your emails or passwords on our servers 
  • We will not scan or read your emails (we cannot access them in the first place)
  • We will not track your individual behavior in the product
  • We will not sell or share the data we do collect with any 3rd party
  • We will not serve you ads in the product (unless it's an offer from Postbox)
  • We will offer easy ways to opt-out from the data we collect and/or directly control

Data We Collect

Generally, the data we collect falls into one of two categories:

  1. Non-personally identifiable information used in aggregate, for example, website or application usage statistics that help us understand the total number of users or operating systems in use. We use this data for feature roadmaps and capacity planning.
  2. Personally identifiable information that is transmitted once you explicitly submit a form (such as a purchase, support request, beta feedback, etc.). At times this information is used in aggregate, for example, when asking certain survey respondents a follow-up question based on a specific survey answer. Other times this information is used at an individual level, for example, when a user submits a technical support request.

Postbox web properties collect data in the following ways:

  • Postbox Website — We collect data in aggregate about visitors to our websites (for example, date, geography, operating system, etc.) using our own website logs and Google Analytics. Personally identifiable information is not collected unless you explicitly submit a form (purchase, feature request, support request, etc.). 
  • Postbox Store — We collect personally identifiable information to authorize your Postbox purchase. Additionally, purchase data is collected by 3rd-party payment processors per the terms of those providers. For more information, please visit the privacy and data collection policies for FastSpring, Braintree (PayPal), and Stripe
  • Postbox Support — Our support platform is hosted by Zendesk, a third-party customer support solution, and data may be collected per the terms of Zendesk's privacy and data collection policies.

The Postbox Application collects data in the following ways:

  • Preferences/Options > General > Start Page — This page, hosted from our website, loads when you first start Postbox or press the "Home" button, and is subject to the same data collection methods/policies as our website, specified above. You can opt-out by deleting or selecting a different start page URL after you have registered Postbox with your license code(s).
  • Preferences/Options > Security > Email Scams > Tell me if the message I'm reading is a suspected email scam — If this is enabled, Postbox downloads a list of malicious URLs from Google Safe Browsing and then compares the links in your messages to the links in the list downloaded from Google. If a match is found, Postbox displays a warning. The matching process occurs within Postbox on your local machine, so no personally identifiable data is transmitted to Google or to Postbox, Inc. in support of this feature. However, a request is made to Google's servers for the list itself, much like a web page request, and any data transferred therein would be governed by Google's privacy and data collection policies.
  • Preferences/Options > Advanced > Update — If you opt-in to automatic updates, Postbox will query our update service for newer versions of Postbox or Labs Projects (add-ons). Additionally, Postbox uses this data to track metrics such as the split between Windows and macOS, what versions of the OS users are running, etc.
  • Preferences/Options > Advanced > Web Services — If you opt-in to Web Services, such as Google Calendar or Gravatar, data may be exchanged with the Web Service in order for the integration to function. For more information on how this data will be used, please refer to the data collection and privacy policies of the respective Web Services.
  • Preferences/Options > Display > Conversations > Profile Photos and Preferences/Options > Advanced > Web Services — If you have the profile photos feature enabled, Postbox will request and download profile photos from Gravatar and/or the macOS Contacts application. When a message is received, Postbox matches the sender with the local database of profile photos. The matching occurs within Postbox on your local machine, and no e-mail data or individual photo requests are transmitted to Postbox, Inc. or the Web Service. 
  • Tools Menu > Labs — Labs Projects developed by Postbox, Inc. or 3rd parties may collect data and are subject to the data collection and privacy policies of the 3rd party or Web Services accessed through the Labs Project. Labs Projects developed by Postbox, Inc. do not collect any personally identifiable data, for example, the areas covered in the "Our Promise" section above. To opt-out, disable, or remove Labs projects from the Postbox application.
  • Sentry — If Postbox experiences an issue, Postbox's Crash Reporter app will ask the user if they wish to send a crash report to Sentry, a service we use to identify reliability patterns across all Postbox users. The sending of crash data through the Crash Reporter app at the time of the crash is optional.

Data Removal Requests

If you wish to have personally identifiable information removed from the systems we directly own and/or control, you may submit a Data Removal Request

Additional Resources

For more info, please see our Privacy Policy.

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