Advanced Styling for Signatures

If you'd like to add more style to your signatures in Postbox, the formatting toolbar provides options to change text size, color, decoration, and indent placement. However, if you would like further control, this can be achieved by editing the underlying HTML and CSS.

Note: Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is required

Editing the HTML and CSS

To customize the style of a signature:

  • Go to Preferences > Composition > Signatures.
  • Double-click on the signature you'd like to edit (or highlight the signature and click on the pencil icon at the bottom of the window).
  • Highlight the entire content of your signature.
  • Click on the "</>" button in the toolbar to edit the HTML tags and text.

Inserting Images, not Attachments

If you are inserting an image into the signature and don't want it included as an attachment, it can be served remotely from a server. To configure this, add the moz-do-not-send="true" attribute to the img element. For example:

<img src="path/for/image.jpg" moz-do-not-send="true">

Note: You can find examples of advanced HTML signatures here.