Using Postbox with Evernote


Users of the popular Evernote software on macOS will be pleased to know there is built-in support for Evernote in Postbox. When a message is sent to Evernote, Postbox includes these attributes:

  • Subject
  • Body (entire message or just the selected text)
  • Topics (translated to Tags)
  • Attachments
  • Link back to the original message in Postbox.

Getting Started

The first time you use Evernote, you'll be prompted to provide permission to Postbox to access Evernote. Click OK when the following dialog appears:


Sending Content from Postbox to Evernote

There are two ways to create a note in Evernote from a message in Postbox: clicking the toolbar button or using the right-click context menu.

To use the Evernote toolbar button, it first needs to be added to the toolbar. For users who are not familiar with toolbar customization, please take a look at this article: Customizing the Toolbar. Once the Evernote button is available, simply select the message you wish to send to Evernote, and click the toolbar button. Not seeing the Evernote toolbar button? Make sure Evernote is installed in the Applications folder.

To use the right-click context menu, click within the message itself, or select some text, right-click and select Add to Evernote from the contextual menu.

Tip: Create More Specific Notes

If text within a message is selected or highlighted, only that text will be included in the body of the note when it's sent to Evernote. This is a quick way to choose the important content of the message and avoiding the need to edit later.


If Postbox cannot connect to Evernote, please check the permissions in macOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Automation and make sure under that Evernote is selected.


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