How to Enable Spotlight Indexing in Postbox


To enable Spotlight indexing of email in Postbox, go to Preferences | General and check "Allow Spotlight to search messages".

Messages are added to the Spotlight when Postbox's internal indexer is run on messages, which will happen automatically when Postbox detects that your computer is idle. To immediately get all of your messages into Spotlight, navigate to the Tools menu > Indexing > Index All Messages...

Search by Topic

Postbox allows you to use Spotlight to search for Postbox messages by Topic. For example, you type the following into the Finder search bar: "keyword:marketing" to find all messages that have the Topic "marketing." You can then create a Smart Folder and save it to your Finder sidebar.


  • Quick Look for files found via Spotlight is currently not supported, but you can double-click the file to open it in Postbox.
  • The Spotlight files are located at: ~/Library/Caches/Metadata/Postbox/
  • Unchecking "Allow Spotlight to search messages" can temporarily cause Postbox to "beach ball" (hang) while Postbox removes all messages from Spotlight.
  • Spotlight integration does not work with multiple Postbox profiles.