How to Enable Spotlight Indexing in Postbox

To enable Spotlight indexing of email in Postbox, go to Preferences | General and check "Allow Spotlight to search messages". To immediately get all your mail into Spotlight, do Tools | Indexing | Index All Messages...


Search by Topic

Postbox allows you to use Spotlight to search for Postbox messages by Topic. For example, you type the following into the Finder search bar: "keyword:marketing" to find all messages that have the Topic "marketing." You can then create a Saved Search and save it to your Finder sidebar.

Known Issues

  • Unchecking "Allow Spotlight to search messages" can temporarily cause Postbox to "beach ball" (hang) while Postbox removes all messages from Spotlight.
  • Spotlight integration does not work with multiple Postbox profiles.
The Spotlight files are located at: ~/Library/Caches/Metadata/Postbox/