Saved Passwords



For Postbox to automatically download your latest messages, your password for each account is located in a hidden database. When running Postbox, you can view which passwords are saved in this database and remove them if they have been changed.

If you are having difficulty logging into your email server, we recommend removing ALL of your passwords from the Password Manager, then restarting Postbox.

Changing or Removing Account Passwords

If you have changed your account password and would like to update Postbox, or you would like to remove the saved password for a specific account, you can find your saved passwords in the Password Manager located here:

Mac: Postbox | Preferences | Security | Passwords | Saved Passwords

Windows: Tools | Options | Security | Passwords | Saved Passwords

In the Password Manager, you will find a list of saved mail account passwords along with the login credentials for Twitter, Facebook, etc. ((Postbox 3 and earlier). To remove a saved password, select the account and click Remove, or click Remove All to delete the entire list. Then restart Postbox.

The next time you check for messages, Postbox will ask for the updated password, and you can decide whether you'd like Postbox to remember the password or not.

Encrypting Saved Passwords

To have Postbox encrypt your saved passwords when Postbox isn't running, you'll have to create a Master Password. Please see this article for instructions.

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