Apply Topics to an Outgoing Message

For users who would like to add Topics to their outgoing messages, we've added a hidden preference which adds a Topics row in the Compose Window. 

To access this preference:

  • Open Config Editor.
  • Type pb.msgcompose.tags.collapsed into the "Filter" textbox.
  • Double-click on mail.identity.default.compose_html to change the value from true to false (to remove the topics row, simply change the value back to true).

To add a topic to an outgoing message, click + in the Topics row and start typing a topic and allow Postbox to autofill. If you press the return key after the correct topic autofills, it will add the topic as well as a comma so you can more topics. Hit Enter once all the topics have been selected.

If you type a word that hasn't yet been designated as a topic, it will create one for you on the fly.