Summarize and Forwarding

The Summarize feature in Postbox summarizes entire conversations on reply and forward for HTML composition.

By default, Forward acts the same as Reply, so if you change the behavior for Reply, it will also affect the behavior of Forward. To adjust the behavior for Reply and Forward:

  • Go to Preferences > Accounts > [account] > Composition
  • Under Automatically quote the original message when replying choose between 'quoting the selected message', 'summarizing the entire conversation', and 'using the last used setting'.

Changing the Behavior Just for Forward

If you want to change the default behavior just for forward and not reply (i.e. you want to turn summarize off for replies but on for forward):

  • Open Config Editor.
  • Paste mail.identity.default.forward_quoting_style into the "Filter" textbox.
  • Double-click on mail.identity.default.forward_quoting_style to change the value to one of the following:

0 - forward just the selected message
1 - forward the entire conversation
2 - use the same settings as reply