Profile Images / Avatars


Profile photos add a personal touch to your email, and Postbox can import profile images from your Address Book and Gravatar.

Enabling Profile Images from Gravatar

When you read an e-mail message, a hash of the recipient's e-mail address is sent to online web services to determine if there is a match.

You can enable this behavior by going to Postbox (macOS)/Tools (Windows) > Preferences > Advanced > Web Services and checking Use the Gravatar service for looking up contact photos.

Conversation View

To turn profile images off or on for Conversation Views, go to:

  • Mac: Postbox > Preferences > Display > Conversations
  • Windows: Tools > Options > Display > Conversations


To test whether or not photos are loading, pleases do the following:

Select your Sent folder, then go to the Tools menu and select Indexing > Index This Folder.

When complete, restart Postbox.

Open a Compose window, and then from the View menu select Sidebar, then select the top right icon, which looks like a contact card. This will display your most recent contacts. You can browse for more contacts by clicking the "Load more results" button.

You should see some contacts that contain photos.

Mis-Matched Profile Images

Sometimes mis-matches can occur if two contacts have the same display name.

To correct this, go into your Address Book and manually assign image to the contact that is displaying the wrong image, then restart Postbox.  Postbox will now default to the Address Book photo.

Your Privacy is Protected

Protecting the security and privacy of Postbox users is paramount, even at the expense of implementing cool new features. As such, Postbox implements Web services in ways that will not provide third party websites with insights into your email behavior.

When Postbox starts up, it will query each service for all profile pictures from all of your contacts. Postbox will then match contacts against a cached database of profile pictures on your local machine. So if you follow Steve Jobs on Twitter, and if Steve happens to email you, we'll display Steve's profile picture without sending any information about this interaction or even its existence to Twitter.