Customize the Reply Header: Summarize Mode

Note 1: These settings only apply to Postbox 5 and below, and they are not available in Postbox 6.

Note 2: To customize the reply headers in summarize mode to show all headers, see this related post: Customize the Reply Header in Quote Mode

Postbox includes a feature called "Summarize" which summarizes entire conversations on reply and forward for HTML composition.  By default, Postbox creates summarized emails with short headers, like this:

Sto Akron
March 4, 2011  4:39 PM

You can customize Postbox to include all header info, such as this:

From: Scott Johnson <>
Date: March 4, 2011 4:39 PM
To: Sto Akron <>
CC: Seth Williams <>
Subject: Postbox Impressions

This can be changed via a hidden preference: 

  • Open the Config Editor.
  • Type pb.conversation_quoting.reply_all_headers into the "Filter:" textbox.
  • Double-click on pb.conversation_quoting.reply_all_headers to change the value from false to true.