Customize the Reply Header: Quote Mode

Note 1: These settings only apply to Postbox 5 and below, and they are not available in Postbox 6.

Note 2: To customize the reply headers in summarize mode to show all headers, see this related post: Customize the Reply Header in Summarize Mode


When you reply to an e-mail message or a news post, Postbox can add a header like:

On 01-01-2007 11:00 AM, Alf Aardvark wrote:

You can use the Config Editor to customize this header in some limited ways.

Four hidden preferences specify the text elements that make up the reply header, and two others affect how the header is formatted. It's recommended you use the Config Editor to see and modify these settings. However, it doesn't let you enter a line break. If you need one directly edit user.js instead, adding \n as needed.


A code number that specifies the sequence of elements in the reply header. Each element is specified by a separate preference

Value Elements Example
mailnews.reply_header_originalmessage -------- Original Message --------
1 (default)  authorwrote colon Alf Aardvark wrote:
2 ondate separator authorwrote colon  On 01-01-2007 11:00 AM, Alf Aardvark wrote:
3 authorwrote separator ondate colon  Alf Aardvark wrote, on 01-01-2007 11:00 AM:



Default: %s wrote

Postbox replaces the %s with the author's name or e-mail address.


Default: : (colon)

You can add more text here, before the colon or replacing the colon.


Default: , (comma space)

You can add more text here, before the comma or replacing the comma.


Default: On %s

Postbox replaces the %s with the date and time.


Default: empty

Optionally specify a locale for formatting the date and time—for example: en-US


Default: -------- Original Message --------

Changes the reply header to the text you specify if mailnews.reply_header_type is set to 0.


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