Sent Messages Folder Syncing Between Postbox and Your Mobile E-Mail App


Is an account's Sent folder in Postbox missing e-mails you've sent from your mobile device?

What's happening is that Postbox and your mobile e-mail app are using Sent folders that have different names. Here's how to get them back in sync.

First, make sure that you are subscribed to all the right folders. Within Postbox, navigate to the File menu and select Subscribe... Then select your account via the pull-down menu at the top, then check the desired folders to display within Postbox. Close the Subscription panel, then restart Postbox.

Next, go to your mobile device and create a test e-mail with a unique subject line, like "SENT FOLDER TEST," and send the message to yourself.

Within Postbox, find the Sent folder that contains this e-mail. It will most likely be in a folder whose name has the word "Sent" in it.

Go to Postbox Preferences / Accounts / [your email account] / Copies & Folders and then do the following:

  1. In the Sent area, check "Place a copy in" — this will activate the "Other" radio button beneath it.
  2. Click the "Other" radio button to select it.
  3. In the popup menu to the right of the "Other" radio button, select the folder that contains the SENT FOLDER TEST e-mail.

From here you should be good to go.

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