How to Create a Backup for Your POP or Local Folders

It's no secret that we strongly recommend IMAP over POP or Local Folders.  If you store messages locally in your POP account, or Local Account, those messages will be lost if your computer is stolen, or the hard drive becomes corrupt, or if you accidentally delete the account in Postbox.
For any local folder, we highly recommend that you copy them to a dedicated IMAP account.  Here's how:
  1. Go to a free email hosting company and create an IMAP account, for example, Gmail.
  2. Setup this account in Postbox.
  3. Create an Account Group and arrange (via drag and drop) your POP account and IMAP accounts into the same group.
  4. Select the Group, and you will now have a unified view of both accounts, and down below in the Folders pane, you will see the root storage folders for both accounts.
  5. Next, within root storage folder for your POP account, drag and drop a folder from your POP account into the root storage folder of your IMAP account.  Postbox will begin copying the folder over.  Depending upon the number of messages, this can take some time, because Postbox has to upload all of those messages to the server.  Please be patient!
  6. Once that folder is copied over, and the contents verified in the new account, then copy the next folder over.
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