Tips to Reduce Memory Usage


Here are some tips on how to reduce the amount of memory that your email files consume:

  • The first-time indexing process can consume a lot of RAM.  Index your messages overnight by selecting "Indexing > Index all Folders" from the Tools menu. Then restart Postbox to reset your memory.
  • You prevent message bodies from being indexed on an account-by-account basis. Go to Preferences|Options > Accounts > [your account] > Local Storage and deselect indexing for message bodies.
  • If you are on IMAP, unsubscribe from folders that are infrequently used by selecting "Subscribe..." from File menu.
  • Delete older messages that are no longer needed.
  • Empty your Trash and Junk folders.
  • Periodically compact some of your larger folders. Additionally, you can set thresholds for when folders should be automatically compressed by going to Preferences|Options > Advanced > Network & Disk Space and set a lower number for compacting.

Additionally, if you are using Gmail:

  • Limit the number of messages that appear in IMAP folders. This can be adjusted at Gmail on the Web > Settings > Forwarding and IMAP tab > Folder Size Limits.
  • Consider unsubscribing from the All Mail folder, and use a different folder for Archiving.
  • Unsubscribe from the Gmail "Important" folder if you are not actively using that label.
  • Use Postbox Topics instead of Postbox Labels, as each time you use a Gmail Label it creates another copy of the message in Postbox.
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