Setting up Swipe Gestures on macOS


Postbox supports Gestures for those using macOS with a trackpad or other device that supports multitouch gestures. Settings must be changed within Postbox and System Preferences to enable this feature.

Postbox Settings

To configure the actions for three finger swipes left and right, go to Preferences > Advanced > General and then configure the individual actions for Swipe Left and Swipe Right.

macOS System Preferences Settings


  • Within System Preferences, select Trackpad / More Gestures
  • Make sure that the setting Swipe between pages is set to Swipe with two or three fingers.
  • Set Swipe between full-screen apps to Swipe left or right with four fingers.


Magic Mouse:

  • Within System Preferences, select Mouse > More Gestures.
  • Set Swipe between pages to Swipe with one or two fingers.
  • Deselect the checkbox for Swipe between full-screen apps.
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