Custom Retention Policy for IMAP Folders


The retention policy feature was developed for large companies that have document retention policies that require e-mails to be destroyed after a period of time.

In Postbox 3, the Retention Policy feature was disabled by default (for new profiles and new folders), because we were receiving tickets from users who had their IMAP messages get wiped out. These users thought they were configuring messages to be removed from just Postbox, but the retention policy removes the messages from the server as well. This is particularly dangerous because there's no way to get those messages back.

However, you can still use this feature, however, it is no longer supported by Postbox.

Enabling Retention Policies

  • Go to Options or Preferences / Advanced / General and click on the Config Editor Button.
  • In the Filter bar, search for: and set this value to true.
  • Restart Postbox.

Using Retention Policies

If you're using an IMAP account, you can customize the Retention Policy for each folder, which allows you to configure how Postbox retains messages it its database. You have five options:

  • Use Server Defaults - gives the server the final say on what to keep or delete
  • Don't delete any messages - prevents Postbox from automatically deleting any messages
  • Delete all but the last ___ messages - allows you to specify the number of recent messages to keep
  • Delete messages more than ___ days old - Postbox will delete messages older than a designated age
  • Always delete read messages - Postbox will delete read messages automatically (this can be combined with the three options above)

To configure the Retention Policy for a specific folder, right-click on it and select "Properties...", or go to Edit | Properties... Then, select the Retention Policy tab.