Trouble-Shooting Conversation View

Index your Folders

If messages are not displaying in conversation view correctly, the first thing you should do is make sure your search index is up to date. Go to the Tools menu and select Indexing > Index All Folders.

Messages from other folders are not included in Conversation View

If messages from other folders (such as Sent and Archive) are not being included in your Conversation View, please do the following (we'll use the Sent folder as an example):

  • Go to Preferences / Display / Conversations and select "Include messages from Every Folder"
  • Select your account (NOT the account group) and then right click the Sent folder and select Properties.
  • Check the box for "Check this folder for new messages" When Postbox checks for new messages in the Inbox, it will now also check this folder so that it is included in the conversation.

You can repeat these instructions for any other folder that you would like to include in Conversation View.

Threading Messages by Subject

By default, Postbox will only thread messages together in a conversation if they contain proper Reference or In-Reply-To headers. This ensures that only messages we know are part of the conversation get threaded together without any false positives. However, some mailers drop Reference and In-Reply-To headers causing messages sent from those mailers to not be threaded in the conversation.

If you wish to relax the Postbox threading model to thread just on subject, open the config editor and type in: mail.correct_threading and double click the row for mail.correct_threading to change the value from true to false.

Note: You may also experiment with setting mail.thread_without_re to true.

Then rebuild the properties for your Inbox folder. Your conversations will now be threaded by subject instead of Reference headers.

Note: If you make this change you will see many more false positives in your conversations as any message with the same subject will be threaded into the conversation.

Tip: If you wish to rename message subjects to manually group messages together, right-click a message and then select "Rename" from the popup menu. Do not use the message Edit function in this case. You may also need to mark the enclosing folder for "Offline" use.

Strict Message Threading by Header ID

If you wish to disable all threading by subject and only place messages into the same conversation if they have Reference or In-Reply-To headers that link them then open the Config Editor and type in: mail.strict_threading and double click the row for to change the value from false to true.

Then rebuild the properties for your Inbox folder:

Note: If you make this change you will see few (if any) incorrectly threaded conversations. However you will see an increase in messages that are not part of a thread but should be because they are missing the necessary mail headers for us to thread them.

Turning Off Conversation View

To turn off Conversation View, go to the View menu > Threads and de-select "Organize by Thread."

To disable conversation view for all folders including new folders, open the Config Editor and type in:

Double click that entry and change the value to 0. You may still need to go through the View menu to turn off conversation mode on existing folders after changing that preference.