How to Download or Downgrade to Older Versions of Postbox

To downgrade to an earlier version of Postbox, simply download and install the old version Postbox over your current installation and everything should work just fine.

Note that if you were using Postbox 5 or higher, the following will not work in earlier versions of Postbox:

  • Global Filters
  • Signatures and Responses Add-ons
  • Custom storage location for Signatures, Responses, Topics and address book preferences/data
  • Signature, Responses, and Topic data

If you were using Postbox 6 or higher, then Postbox 6 uses a profile directory that is incompatible with earlier versions of Postbox. 

You can find the download links here:

Older Postbox Downloads

On Windows, please uninstall Postbox first (but don't remove data!), then reinstall the older version of Postbox. Please review this help article:

How to Uninstall Postbox

Please note that the only version of Postbox that is being actively developed or supported is Postbox 6. All new features, enhancements, and fixes are now being made on the Postbox 6 product line.

We hope to see you on Postbox 6 at some point in the future!