How to Load Remote Images by Default

To protect your privacy, Postbox blocks the loading of remote images when reading mail messages. 

By clicking on the Options button you can unblock remote images for the current message or for message from the current sender.

Disabling for All Messages

To disable this feature and to load remote images for all mail messages:

  1. Open Preferences (on the Mac) or Tools | Options (on Windows)
  2. Click on Privacy
  3. Uncheck "Block loading of remote images in mail messages"

Disabling for Trusted Domains

If you have one or more domains you always want to load remote content from (such as a corporate intranet), you need to configure a hidden preference.

  • Open Config Editor.
  • Type "mail.trusteddomains" into the "Filter:" textbox.
  • Double-click on that row.
  • Enter a comma delimited list of trusted domains such as ",").
  • Restart Postbox.