How to Set Up an Vacation Auto-Reply

The recommend way to do this is do it on your mail server.  Check your ISP's web interface to your email and see if they have a way to set up a vacation message.

If there isn't away to do this on your mail server, here's how you can do this in Postbox:

  1. Start Postbox
  2. Click on the New Message toolbar button.
  3. Make the subject something like “Out of Office” or “On Vacation” and type something appropriate about how you’ll be gone in the message body. Important:  Don’t address it to anyone.
  4. Go to File | Save As | Template. This sets up the template that will be mailed to people who email you while you’re on vacation.
  5. Close the compose window.
  6. Go to Tools | Message Filters...
  7. Click the New... button
  8. Change the name of the new filter to Out of Office Reply (or whatever you want to call it)
  9. Under the “For incoming messages which:” section, change the “Subject” drop menu to “To” and put your email address in the blank at the end of that line.
  10. Create a second filter criteria and set this to "Status" |  "is"  | "New" so the auto reply does not respond to every message you receive.
  11. Under the “Perform These Actions” section, change the “Move Message To” drop menu to “Reply With Template”. Change the next drop menu to your Out of Office template.
  12. Click OK to close the filter.

IMPORTANT:  Don’t send yourself a test email from this account! This will start an email loop and will fill up your Inbox and your Sent Mail.

To turn the filter on – check the Enabled column for that filter’s line on your Message Filters list.

You will need to leave your computer on and Postbox up and running the entire time you are away for this to work.