Multiple or Repeated Login Screens or Password Prompts


If you are being asked multiple times to log in to your email account, here are some possible fixes.

Google 2-step authentication

If you are using Google 2-step authentication, you may have entered different passwords generated at different times for incoming and outgoing servers.  

To correct this, refer to the Setting up GOOGLE / GMAIL Email Accounts article.

Reset your passwords

Try removing ALL of the passwords from your Password Manager.


  1. From the menu bar, open the Postbox menu and select Preferences > Security > Passwords.
  2. Click on Saved Passwords.
  3. Click Remove All.


  1. Open the Tools menu and select Options > Security > Passwords.
  2. Click on Saved Passwords.
  3. Click Remove All.

The next time you check for messages, Postbox will ask for the updated password.

Third-party applications

Third-party applications could be blocking login attempts. Try temporarily disabling these applications to see if the issue clears up for you:

  • Virus Checkers can sometimes prevent the password from being saved to disk. Disable the virus checker, enter your password in Postbox, close Postbox, then re-enable your virus checker.
  • Backup Programs can sometimes repeatedly backup the old password file, which contains an older password.
  • Disk Cleaners can sometimes alter file permissions on disk. Disable these programs and repair your permissions on disk.


If you are using Gmail, you could be running into a Google "CAPTCHA" issue.

To correct this, try resetting your CAPTCHA.

For more information about the Gmail CAPTCHA issue, read Fix Gmail IMAP Invalid Credentials or Web Login Requires (Failure) Error by My Digital Life.

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