Postbox supports the use of Profiles, which act like separate instances of Postbox on the same machine. For example, you could choose to keep your work accounts in one profile and personal accounts in another. Another use for profiles is when spouses share the same OS user account, but wish to operate Postbox with their own accounts.

Profile Manager

Postbox has a profile manager that can be used to manage multiple profiles. This shouldn't be confused with the ability to support multiple accounts which you can do within a single profile.

The profile manager allows you to switch between profiles in addition to creating and deleting profiles.

Accessing the Profile Manager Using the Preferences Pane

  1. Open the General preferences window.
    • (macOS) Postbox > Preferences > General
    • (Windows) Tools > Options > General
  2. Checkmark Show Profile Manager on startup.
  3. Restart Postbox.

Accessing the Profile Manager Using the Command Line


  1. Quit the Postbox application.
  2. Open the Terminal application.
  3. Enter the following command:
    /Applications/ -profilemanager
  4. Press Return.


  1. Close the Postbox program.
  2. Press the Windows logo key  + R on the keyboard, then type in the following:
    postbox.exe -ProfileManager
  3. Press Enter.

How to Create a Profile

To create a new profile in the profile manager, click Create Profile, follow the prompts to name your new profile, and choose where you want to store it.

How to Delete a Profile

To delete a profile, right-click on the profile name, then select Delete Profile from the popup menu.


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