Manual Account Configuration


Most email accounts can be configured automatically by Postbox.  However, if your email is non-standard in configuration, or if your email provider is not listed in  the Postbox database, you will need to manually configure your account, which is documented below.

Manually configuring an account will require you to have the following details, supplied by your email provider:

  1. Security setting connection with the server
  2. Incoming mail server and port
  3. Outgoing mail server and port

1.  Select Tools on the menu  (located at the top of your Postbox screen), and then move the cursor down to Account Settings in the list.  The Account Settings window will appear.  Your email and/or newsgroup account(s) that have been configured automatically (if any) are listed in the left pane within the Account Settings window.

2.  Click Add Mail Account button located at the left bottom of the Account Settings window below account/server listings pane.

3.  The Mail Account Setup pop-up window will appear prompting you to enter your name, appropriate email address and password **associated with that email account.**  Click the Remember password checkbox if this option is desired.

4.  Click Next button.  The Mail Account Setup pop-up window will appear indicating detected Server Information after looking up the provider.  Click the Stop button to abort the lookup process.

5.  Note: It is important that you update the server names, ports and IMAP/POP information before clicking Manual Setup.  The Server Information pop-up window will appear where you can type in appropriate information provided by your email provider.

6.  Click 'Re-test Configuration button.  Server Information window will reappear with small circles next to Incoming and Outdoing Server indicating encryption status.

7.  Click Manual Setup button.

8.  In the Account Settings window, in the left pane at the bottom of the list, click Outgoing Server (SMTP).

9.  Edit the entry on the list that was just created by first clicking on the appropriate server and then the Edit button to the right of the list.

10.  Click OK button. 

11.  Click the Server Settings option under your new account in the left pane.

Note:  Ensure the entries in these text fields are the settings your email provider gave to you. 

12.  Click OK button.  Your new manually configured account will appear in the Accounts pane to the left of your Postbox application window and you will receive mail from this new account!

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