Postbox 7 BETA

Welcome to the Postbox 7 BETA Program!

Note that Postbox moved to a perpetual release model starting with Postbox 5. As such, version numbers have less significance today than they have in the past, but they do serve as useful markers for important milestones (e.g. in Postbox 6 we implemented a new technology platform). Postbox 7 contains some important changes, particularly around Labs, that warrant a major version bump.


  • You must have a Postbox 5 or Postbox 6 license and be running one of these operating systems:
    • macOS 10.13 or 10.14 
    • Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • You must be HIGHLY TECHNICAL, with an ability to troubleshoot issues on your own with zero supervision.
  • You must be using only IMAP accounts (absolutely no POP accounts) within a completely separate profile from what you normally use.
  • You must be able to file detailed bug reports, complete with steps to reproduce and other technical details.

If this sounds like more than you bargained for, no worries, simply wait for the production version.


  • Use Postbox builds with test profiles only! See detailed instructions below.
  • Create a backup of your entire Postbox data folder prior to installing pre-release builds.
  • These pre-releases will NOT auto-update to newer versions! Set a calendar reminder to manually download and install future versions, or the final production version of Postbox. Otherwise, you will remain frozen on this version.


Using a Test Profile

We recommend creating a new profile specifically for BETA builds:

  1. Go to Preferences (Mac) or Options (PC) / General, and select the checkbox for "Show Profile Manager on startup."
  2. Restart Postbox.
  3. Create a new profile called "BETA" and select the "Migrate from Postbox 6" option. This will copy over most settings from your current profile to your new profile.

NOTE: You'll want to install the Postbox BETA application in a location that is different from your production app file. On macOS, you can drag and drop the file to the location you desire. On Windows, create a new folder to hold Postbox files, then install Postbox into that folder via the "Custom" setup option. 

Purchase and Upgrade Information

If you are a Lifetime License holder, you are entitled to Postbox 7 and will receive all future versions of Postbox for free. For all other customers, purchase and upgrade information will be published at a future date.

Accessing BETA Builds

You can find details and downloads on our Postbox 7 BETA Release Notes page.

That's it! We hope you enjoy using these early access builds, and we thank you for being part of the Postbox BETA community!

- The Postbox Team


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