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Postbox adds sharing functionality for some of the most commonly used apps on macOS.

Install Sharing for Postbox

  • Download and run the Postbox Sharing Extension installer.
  • Copy the Postbox Sharing Extension app to your Applications folder.
  • Within the Applications folder, run the Postbox Sharing Extension app. 
  • The app will quickly launch, install the correct file, then immediately quit.

The Postbox Sharing Extension app must remain in your Applications folder.

Set Up macOS

Navigate to macOS System Preferences / Extensions / All. On the right, ensure that Postbox Sharing Extension is selected as illustrated below:


If the Sharing Extension does not appear, then please make sure you are running at least version 1.0.1 of the add-on.

Examples of Sharing Functionality

Safari - Postbox will embed the URL of the page within the body of a new message. The page content will not be embedded within the message itself.

Address Book - The .vcf card will be attached to a new message.

Pages, Numbers, and Keynote - Attaches the document to a new message.

Preview - Attaches the image to a new message.

Photos - Attaches up to 10 selected images to a new message.

Finder - Attaches up to 10 selected files to a new message.

Calendar - Embeds event details within the body of a new message. The .ics file is not attached.


  • If you have Postbox configured to display the Profile Manager at startup, and if you share content when Postbox is not running, then the share action will be ignored.
  • iTunes, Maps, Notes - Not currently supported.
  • The Sharing Extension is currently not compatible with macOS Big Sur. We're actively investigating workarounds.
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