UI Changes in Postbox 5

With every major release, we have an opportunity to tune the UI and usability of the application. Here is a list of changes that you may want to know about.

  • On Windows, toolbar button contextual/menus are accessible by "clicking and holding" the toolbar button.
  • The font menu has been removed from the Formatting Toolbar to make room for new features. Fonts can still be selected from the Format menu at the top of the window (PC) or screen (Mac).
  • Browsing of settings in the Config Editor has been disabled in Postbox 5. To change a setting in the Config Editor, you must know the exact preference name as supplied by a help article of Postbox support agent.
  • On macOS, the Send to OmniFocus contextual menu option has been moved from the message list to the message body.
  • We have changed the preference for expanding addresses when using Mail Lists or Groups. For details, please see: How to Expand or Collapse Mailing Lists in the Compose Window