Import Email from Eudora


Postbox is the based on the Mozilla platform, and in 2007 a fork of the Thunderbird code base was created to serve as the foundation for Postbox development moving forward. Postbox will inherit changes to the platform as updates become available, but we also innovate within the platform and make select changes available to the Mozilla community via the terms of the Mozilla Public License (MPL).

The Thunderbird code base contains an importer for Eudora, which was originally written by the Eudora team for inclusion into Thunderbird. However, the importer is far from perfect, and on the Mac, it is currently broken in the most recent version of Thunderbird.

As such, we have removed it from Postbox.

There are, however, some things that you can try to make importing form Eudora a little easier...



Download and run the Eudora Penelope client from: It may prompt you to create an e-mail account. Then in Penelope:

Another option is to import your mail from Eudora to on the Mac and then use Postbox's importer to import your mail into Postbox by going to Tools | Import | Mail | Apple Mail.

However, this will import all of your mail folder in into Postbox and not just a specific folder. Also, will not import your attachments if they are stored outside of the mail messages themselves.