How to Trouble-Shoot Postbox

To address any issue in Postbox, please follow these trouble-shooting steps in sequence. Each step starts to eliminate things that could interfere with Postbox's operation.

These are the same steps that our support team uses, so following these steps on your own will be far faster!


1) Restart Your Computer in Safe Mode

Sometimes restarting your computer in safe mode can address conflicts between Postbox and other applications. Here's how: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, macOS 


2) Use the Troubleshooting Panel

Postbox contains a Troubleshooting panel to help address issues you may be experiencing with Postbox. For example, an add-on could be altering Postbox's operation in ways you do not expect.

Navigate to the Help menu and select Troubleshooting..., and then select the following options:

_X_ Permanently Disable all Add-ons
_X_ Reset IMAP mail databases and Search Indexes

Then restart Postbox. Do the problems persist?  If so, move to the next step. 


3) Temporarily Turn-Off Anti-Virus, Internet Security, Disk Utility, and Backup Software Programs

Sometimes these programs will prevent Postbox from accessing it's mail or preference files. Additionally, security suites and virus checkers can act as intermediaries to network connections, which can block Postbox connections if not configured correctly.

Try turning off these programs temporarily, then see if Postbox will then operate normally.

Once complete, move on to the next step.


4) Create a New Profile

If you have followed the procedures and trouble-shooting recommendations within Step 1, and if Postbox is still not working as desired, then the next step is to create a new Postbox Profile.

A new profile will act as a fresh Postbox install, but it can reside alongside your existing install, so you don't have to worry about anything changing in your current setup.

1) Go to Preferences (Mac) or Options (PC) / General, and select the checkbox for "Show Profile Manager on Startup."

2) Restart Postbox.

3) Create a new profile.

4) Next, set up the problematic account (ideally as IMAP if possible). Please do NOT install any Add-ons. 

If the issue(s) do not go away with the new profile, then we strongly recommend the next step.

If the issue(s) do go way with the new profile, then we know that there is something within the profile itself that is causing the problem. At this point you have two choices:

  1. Use this new profile moving forward. You'll want to setup all of your accounts in this new profile, an once complete, you'll want to then migrate your settings to this new profile.
  2. Trouble-shoot the older profile by re-tracing the previous steps above. 


5) Create a New OS User Account

Sometimes there are issues external to Postbox which are causing it to malfunction.  For example, anti-virus or backup software can prevent Postbox from saving preferences, folder permissions issues on disk can prevent Postbox from being able to save messages, 3rd party utilities blocking ports, corrupted fonts, etc.  

The easiest way to trouble-shoot these types of issues is to setup a new OS user account, install Postbox, then determine if the problems still exist.

1) Create a new user account on your Operating System (please refer to your OS user manual for instructions).

2) Download and install Postbox.

3) Next, set up the account that is problematic (IMAP if possible). Please do NOT install any Add-ons!

If the issue(s) do not go away in the new OS User Account, then it could be due to:

  • account issues
    • incorrect account settings
    • the email server is not setup for IMAP/POP or properly authenticated
    • a service issue or outage at your ISP
  • your networking environment blocking traffic
    • firewall
    • incorrect proxy settings
    • VPN settings

We recommend trouble-shooting these issues before proceeding any further.

If the issue(s) are resolved with the new OS User Account, then you most likely have one of the following in your old OS User Account that is interfering with Postbox's operation:

  • system issues
    • incorrect disk permissions
    • hard drive or file corruptions
    • corrupted fonts
  • 3rd party application interfering with Postbox's operation
    • virus or security program
    • backup software
    • disk cleanup or optimization utilities

We recommend trouble-shooting your old OS User Account and 3rd party applications to determine the cause of the interference. 


If after following all of these steps you are still experiencing issues, or if your support request is more immediate, then please file a Support Request.